What exactly am I misunderstanding? What do the words “we need a strong Republican Party” mean to you, coming from Speaker Pelosi? To me these words mean the speaker wants to not just compromise (always a necessity) — but to prop up a failing party. You seem to feel that not propping up the opposition means ignoring the opposition. Please explain yourself.

Also, I’ll readily admit there’s a lot about American politics I simply don’t understand, like the terms “left” and “moderate.” A majority of Americans favor, for example, Medicare for All, Marijuana legalization, and campaign finance reform. By any reasonable standard, these would be considered “moderate” positions, yet they’re labeled “left.” I see how folks who hold these positions are marginalized, but how exactly are they a minority?

Even if they were a minority, wouldn’t they still need enough self respect to not prop up the very groups that would obstruct their agenda? From this point of view, how should being a minority change how they approach politics?

Again, what am I missing here, Dick? Really, I want answers, not admonishments about my “youthful ignorance.”

Writes culture, tech, and the occasional poem/short-story/drawing.

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